Happy Jackson "Baby Dribble Bibs"
Happy Jackson

Happy Jackson "Baby Dribble Bibs"

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Happy Jackson


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These baby bibs from Happy Jackson are perfect for preventing food, dribble or regurgitated milk from staining your baby’s clothes! The bibs come in bright red and vibrant turquoise, with black and white striped backs. They would be very welcome by new parents as a christening, naming or new born baby gift. Made of soft cotton, each has a positive message on the front. 

The red bib has a yellow star above the lettering and reads:


The turquoise bib is also decorated with a yellow star with the lettering:

born to be a STAR!

The 100% cotton bibs are secured by easy to undo Velcro. They should be washed before first use, and can be machine washed with similar colours.

Having a couple of these to hand will save you from carrying spare clothes in the change bag. Both bibs finish with a point at the front in cowboy neckerchief style and are bright and beautiful accessories for your bright and beautiful offspring! 

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